Thursday, April 21, 2011

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A Short Hangover From Four Loko I Guess

The way I see it, it's just another composition of 17 melted Jolly Ranchers, malt liquor, a cap-full of cough syrup, and a little death. I'm not thrilled by "Blast" to say the least.

We all had our fun. By fun I mean we all got a little weird. Loko drunk is it's own distinct drunk like red wine, except without the sexy and the class. The few times I was Loko drunk I was scared, but in denial of being scared. Just a messed up existential experience that you're not supposed to have when you're depressingly drinking on a Wednesday. Now we have this concoction being pimped out by Snoop because he's obviously in problematic debt. My issue is that I'm most definitely going to try 1 or 4 of these before they're undoubtedly pulled from the shelves. I mean look at those cans. Fucking vibrant as hell. You'd be a fool to not be enticed into drinking one of these. It's like Van Gogh inviting you out to get strange drunk and regretting what you did.

Jesus Christ Snoop.

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