Wednesday, April 13, 2011

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Things To Be Most Concerned About In The Real World Las Vegas House

Has anyone been watching the new season of The Real World Las Vegas? Sure it's jam packed with all the embarrassing drama per usual but that's not what's most important while observing their stay at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino. As I watch each cast member crumble every Wednesday night on cable television...I can't help but think of the things I'd be most concerned with if I were to be thrown into the fire.

1) I would undoubtedly run out of money in days...hours...minutes? With a casino an elevator away and cameras all around me...definitely going to dive head first into some bad decisions. Roulette would take half my cash within the first 10 minutes...then I'd get kicked out of the black jack table maybe 20 minutes in due to my inabilities to play correctly. Only way to come back from an empty bank account in this situation is to barter with the MTV producers to stay on the show. Gotta have constant cash flow to keep making those bad decisions right?

2) There is a bowling alley right there in the house. An easily accessible lane in the same place you sleep in is grounds for a good eight hours of bowling per day. I feel as though I'd wake up in the early hours and my day would consist of free gin and tonics, bowling, gin and tonics, bowling, nap, gin and tonics, bowling, clubs, bowling, gin and tonics, sleep.

3) The amount of Subway and Sun Drop I'd be forced to consume during my stay. Straight in your face advertising every other scene. I don't have a problem with Subway so much in comparison to Sun Drop. What the fuck is Sun Drop anyway? Frankly the product seems frightening. All I know is there's a fridge full of it in the Real World house and that commercial with the weird chick dancing around the beach is played at least 4 times an ep.

4) The whole partying aspect when I'm not bowling...Yeah I'll just have to get back to you on this one.

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