Wednesday, October 20, 2010

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NBA Bans New Flubber Kicks

So the NBA recently banned players from wearing the new $300 Concept 1 shoe that guarantees to immediately help increase vertical leap. Is it any coincidence that the sneaks are the same color as Flubber? There are three scenarios as to why the league put a stop to the new age PF Flyers

1) The basketball sneaker Gods (Nike, Adidas, Reebok) collectively offered the league a large sum of money if they banned the new guys from coming in and stealing the limelight. Think about it this way...when I purchased Nike Shox back in the day was I just completely wasting my money? Think so.

2) The shit is ridiculous. Real life Flubber. Same color. Same product. On my way to buy a pair right now and dominate pickup.

3) The company paid the league themselves for the publicity so every decent player (like me) will go out and think they're gaining some sort of advantage. Well it worked...See you on the courts.

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