Monday, October 4, 2010

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No Ball In the House?

When Dub J and the roommates questioned my decision to bring a mini basketball hoop into the new place this picture was the only thing that could back me up. Our own President calling plays and running routes with his staff is certainly a good enough reason for me to be able to get a few shots up in the living room.

So things are looking up for now. There were definitely some quality mini-hoop games in the midst of our weekend activities...But I should admit...we've already been through two minor "incidents" seven days in. The first came when somebody managed to miss the rim by a good five feet, where the ball proceeded to "tap" the top of the new TV we just chipped in damage = no one upset. The other mis-hap was when we left a plate of 30 wings out. Let's just say we had a few stranded honey BBQ's with a side of blue cheese all over the floor. I cleaned it up + no damage = no one upset.

At this point it's too late for me to take action and announce to everyone that "hey, maybe this is sort of a bad idea." Everyone's already hooked. I get home from work everyday to see the guys gathered around that hoop working up a sweat. But what happens when shit (literally) hits the fan? Who's gonna be the first to break what object? Right now I'm undoubtedly the man (statement), but lets see where I'm at when one of the guests becomes a bit over zealous with their wall shots during a friendly game of PIG...I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

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