Monday, October 18, 2010

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Would You Be Motivated To Play Your Respective Sport If This Was Your Team's Logo?

Introducing the Victoria Salmon Kings logo. It's Victoria so I'm assuming they're a hockey team or something, but come on. If I'm one of those toothless bastards freezing my balls of in Victoria, Canada, I assure you that I will not be pumped about playing for this logo. Shit doesn't even look like a salmon. It's like a dolphin, possibly even a barracuda. It would essentially be a stretch to even call this a salmon, let alone the KING of all salmon.

Like, the rest of team will be skating out on the ice and I'll be there just staring, confused as fuck at our "apparent" leader..the salmon king that we are out there playing our ass off for. Who knew there was a feudal class system out there for salmon? I thought they just kind of swam around waiting to die. Playing with fire each and every day of their life avoiding the fishing line or a bear.

I'll tell you what team I'm rooting for--the Victoria Salmon Kings, because those mofos have to be the least motivated squad in the history of sports.

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