Wednesday, October 13, 2010

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Can't Decide Whether This Dude With Tourettes Singing "Never Gonna Give You Up" Actually Has Tourettes

Not buying it. Not one bit. No offense here, but no one can have tourette's that bad that conveniently. Dude was so off point that he was on point with his tourette's reaction to Rick Asshole. Granted, he may have gotten "Rick Roll'd" and is possibly touretting the shit out of this because he's pissed.

I remember I just couldn't figure the internet out one day. I was on Youtube scouring for interesting videos to put on the blog one day and got Rick Roll'd like 7 times in a row. Just a poor showing on my part. I was getting lead from Elmo videos, to KFC commercials, to Rihanna 911 calls and seeing Rick Astley's face every step I took. Shit was embarrassing.

I change my stance on this. Dude probably has tourettes. Nothing wrong with that. But this is probably the same exact reaction he would have had to singing to this song immediately after getting Rick Roll'd when he was trying to search for "The Situation's" Dancing With The Stars final performance...

I'm just saying...

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