Saturday, October 16, 2010

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Did The End of Men In Black Change Anyone Else's Life

I gotta say...all these UFO sightings lately are starting to mess with my head. Makes me rehash the ending scene in Men In Black that quite simply puts everything in perspective. Dub Jeezy tells me I'm crazy when I say this, but our entire existence could solely depend on the fungus under some aliens big toe in another layer of life (graphic, crazy, outlandish - yeah but it's worth a it?).

I don't know if its okay to have a Will Smith comedy change your thoughts on existence... Wasn't too difficult for me to buy into it but nothing really is. On a completely unrelated side note, allow me to shift your attention to the theme song. Can't reference MIB without showcasing the Fresh Prince too (check 40 seconds in when he flashes the business card...awesome).

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  1. colourblindelephant said... January 16, 2011 at 8:39 AM

    To answer your simple question.. yes.. its my frame of reference for what may be out there, for how we look at things and for how to settle the idea that we are part of a greater collective and not limited to our narrow frame of reference. When i say this to my mates, they think i am crazy. I am a movie nut watching movies from all ends of the globe, russian, indie american, irish, iranian and so on... but when i mention a movie that changed my life... or a sequence.. the last part of Men in Black is it. You can frame this as being religious of some dimension (like the debate about the movie Knowing and if its scientology or christian based... ha.. is it not both.. its all how we see the language). and just to point, yes i believe in "god"... it is mine though and it is everywhere and not believing in names or labels that mean that conformation to some standard, it just is and i am just me.

    Our way we look at the world, our lens, is narrow in many many ways; governmentality, religious orientation (though many many religious and spiritual beliefs reference the greater being or something up there). There is meaning in all this language that has been written and meaning in where this language has come from. "They" want us to look at each other and provide each other with security instead of looking up... focus on here and now cos well.. when you die you will go up anyway....

    I guess its not knowing.. but being conscious that there may be way way more somewhere and not being afraid to discover it. Its like the end sequence playing out in your head.

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