Monday, October 18, 2010

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Surviving That First Company Outing

I feel for you Red Parrot...Just looking off in the distance pondering as to why you're stuck with the blue group. Not really sure how to bring up fresh conversation with the accountant and the new guy next to you. Not quite confident on how to act in all situations presented.. What to eat/drink, how to sit, when to mingle...the list goes on.

I certainly encountered a number of difficult challenges in the midst of my first company outing today. In what should be a fun setting I was completely stressed out. Things that didn't need to be overthought were absurdly analyzed. Some would tell me to just be myself but we all should know that's recipe for disaster. That said, I lost it for a moment in the buffet line when I thought I had everything under control...The realization came when I looked around to see that everyone else started with a salad and were quick to laugh at my well constructed steak sub.

Before the buffet debacle were the seating arrangements. Turns out my trusted friend and co-worker played it cool and squeezed into the last seat at the sales girls table (god damnit). Then we get to drinks. What to order...Coffee? Soda? Water? Alcohol? Is it free? Of course its free...Settle down and order what your Boss gets. Jesus. Coke.

Overall conversation was tricky. Some business talk followed up by a handful of stale jokes. I decided the best thing to do was treat to it like a date. Ask questions. Nod your head. Laugh. Just went out there and showcased a standard B (-) performance through the adversity presented. Expecting to be a bit more smooth next time around.

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