Wednesday, October 6, 2010

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How Does This Goalie Feel?

Just one of those times where you should just take off the pads, unlace the skates and never return to the ice. Dude just pulled off some Mighty Ducks tricks between the speed of Luis Mendoza and finesse of Kenny Wu.  Really got the crowd laughing, screaming and heckling...all at the goalies expense while he was too busy being distracted and dizzy to prevent the love tap at the end from going in.

What a confident puck handler though. Seriously that could've turned into a much different scenerio. I could be posting on this video in light of the shooter's inabilities to make it past the blue line cause he tripped over the puck he was trying to flash around. This time we'll just have to say best of luck to the goal keeper...hope you're still employed man.

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