Tuesday, October 12, 2010

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This "Jetsons" Style Tube Shit Doesn't Seem Like The Best Method To Get These Chilean Miners Out

I know I've called myself a scientist an annoying amount of times on this blog, but seriously, I'm no scientist, but this doesn't look like the best method of rescuing people. Hell I wouldn't even let that shit bring my puppy from the depths.

We've all seen "The Jetsons" right? The whole "this is what the future is going to be like spiel" that clearly wasn't accurate. No hovercars, no food pellets, and according to the sticky spots on the floor at the crib, there's certainly no Rosie the robot around saving all our asses. It looks like real life decided to skip all the cool shit like floating cars and slave robots and immediately jumped into making the "Air Chute" popularized by George Jetson. Dude was late to work, he tied a written excuse to a brick and chute(d) that thang on over to Spacely within 7 seconds. No explanation of how it got there, but the only "logical" reason had to be some sort of air suction/expulsion system. Again, I'm not a scientist, nor did I guest star on that underground Jetsons episode as the sole black character, but that doesn't seem like it'd work period--let alone on a human body.

Apparently, we've had like 3 months to think about how we'd go about saving these people from tectonic plate death or what have you, and all we came up with were Jetson air tubes? Put me on the scene. Not saying I'll come up with a better idea, but I'd probably come up with the air tube idea maybe the third day in and have everyone at the boardroom table laugh it off, because an idea like that is clearly a joke and should never be considered.

I'll tell you who I don't want to be right now: 1) Stranded Chilean Miner--shit's not baller, 2) Air Tube operator--you can't control the air unless you're a Planeteer, 3) Dude who came up with this idea--people can only say "whoops, my bad" so many times.

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