Wednesday, October 27, 2010

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Just In Case Anyone Was Wondering...Sony Stopped Making The Cassette Walkman TODAY

Stop the god damn presses because today is a big day. Nah, seriously, it's not. I truly didn't/don't know how to open up a post about the halting of production of cassette players.

Were these things the most frustrating items? First off, I thought they were some pretty special items in my youth. My mom and dad had one and simply wouldn't let me touch it. I thought that shit had nudity on it or spouted flames, so I stayed away. Little did I know, it was just a cassette tape. A time consuming, painfully angering cassette tape. Like that part of a song? Just hit the rewind button and HOPE you land where you need to. An errant press of the play button can completely ruin the song playing experience. Not to be on my high horse here, but these things had like 7 songs on them. Three on side one and four on side two. You literally had to stop everything you're doing, press the eject button (can we talk about how the eject button is slowly phasing out of society?) and flip the tape. Oh, and 9 out of 10 times the tape's actual tape was probably coming out because you bought that Mase cassette at Tower Records for $4.00.

So, it was probably for the best that I never really jumped on the cassette tape bandwagon, because I'd probably be a creepier, angrier dude. Straight frustrated with PTSD-like rage whenever I'd hear any click noise.

Don't even get me started on VCRs and VHS'es.

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