Monday, October 25, 2010

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Did Anyone Else See Wasp Woman? Because I Didn't And It Looks Phenomenal

I've seen some interesting movie trailers in my day (i.e.: Human Centipede), but this one takes the cake. I have never seen one trailer escalate to the point that this one did. One second there was some sketchy Youtube nudity, next there was a woman transforming into the fakest looking human-wasp thing I've ever seen, then there was the obligatory large car explosion to just throw everyone off.

Either way, I believe "Wasp Woman" is a telling look into female interaction with men. Don't remember her birthday/anniversary? You're getting fucking stung by a human-sized wasp chick. I mean, anytime I've forgotten a significant date for any woman, I get the passive aggressive, "I'm not mad, I'm disappointed" routine. Let's just say that's probably the exact equivalent of Wasp Woman's rage.

Minus the getting impaled by a very large stinger part, of course.

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