Tuesday, October 12, 2010

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Is The Fu Manchu Making A Comeback?

On this not so ordinary Tuesday I happened to see a total of three Fu Manchu's and I was completely baffled. One being my co-worker, I chuckled at first but eventually just couldn't stand to look at him. The Fu Manchu will undoubtedly get a laugh in all scenarios for a good five minutes. Classroom, party, office, in line at the grocery store, you name it..

But after that it starts to sink in that yes, this kid did just spend time in front the mirror crafting his facial hair to really look like that. Take this subpar looking gentleman in the purple Devil Rays shirt for instance. This Fu Manchu certainly wasn't rushed. It appears as though he actually got picky to align both sides just right to the point where he felt as though he should rock it for the next couple of days. Probably even made it his facebook picture for a while...

The only (not so) notable character with the Fu Man Chu was in Sly Stallone's 1987 arm wrestling movie Over the Top (why the hell do I know that?). But brace yourselves because the style is apparently alive and well.

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