Thursday, October 14, 2010

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Just A Kid Who Figured It Out At An Early Age

Check this kid taking in wisdom from Washington Redskins kickers. If I'm the parent watching on from the sidelines here...this is the moment where I see my sons bright future ahead. Field goal kicking and punting...nothing else. How many of us wanted to be star Quarterbacks, shooting guards and starting shortstops in the pros. When I was in 5th grade I was convinced I'd be playing for the New England Patriots...So that didn't quite pan out, but at least my job consists of selling their tickets.

I wish there was a time when a pro kicker pulled me aside at the age of six and said "look kid, you wanna be in the Bigs? Stick to the necessities here.  All you have to do is start punting the shit out of the ball for the next 12 years and you're there. 100 reps a day. No throwing, passing, running routes. We're skipping the high school glory days and going right to the NFL." Straight wisdom for the common man right there.

How many kickers were practicing their craft at an early age? It's sort of that position in high school where the coach looks around and says "alright guys so who can kick it the farthest?" In 35 years I will have raised a professional bowler, Olympic curler and field goal kicker...and now you all know how.

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