Wednesday, October 27, 2010

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So This Guy Is Crushing The Unicycle

NAUCC 2010 from Max Schulze on Vimeo.

I mean, the unicycle is like the nerd equivalent of the knuckle ball. No one's doing it, you probably won't have a ton of competition, and you have the security of knowing that if you're the best, you'll probably be the best forever.

Add this to the list of things I'm going to need my kid to do immediately upon coming out of the womb. Dude's going to spend a few hours in the morning kicking field goals/punts, throwing knuckle balls during the afternoon, and hop in the unicycle foam pit by night. I'll toss some steaks and some Hawaiian Punch in there periodically to keep my million dollar boy from dying and what not too.

So, how bad of a father will I be? It's already determined that this kid is going to be removed from my possession, but like how soon? 1 year? 1 month? Delivery day?!

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