Tuesday, October 5, 2010

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Today Marks My Refusal To Ever Give Up The Seat For Women And Children In Any Form Of Transportation

Sounds harsh I know, but hear me out here. I'm generally the perfect gentleman when it comes to giving up my seat on the train. It's usually that brief eye contact with the old woman and then some quick eye contact with the hot girl in the corner to let her know that I'm giving my seat up...so she knows.

Creepiness aside, my limits have officially been pushed. I'm starting to get walked on like a god damn welcome mat up in this piece. Just getting on the T and people staring at me just expecting me not to sit down. It's basically at the point where if I sit down, people are offended. Like I'm getting these, "Pfft, look at this able-bodied guy just taking a potential seat away from a potentially old/disabled person..what an asshole" looks left and right. Really? I'm tired, 27% chance I'm hungover, and my knee hurts because I did something athletic 5 days earlier--can I at least get a quick seat? Just a quick one, I'll get up in a few stops. Nope. Society won't give me that.

Let's talk about the women and children here. I'm cutting the age mark at about 52 years of ages and below 4 years old. Not cutting it where I'll give you a seat. My heart has been carved into a cold and black rock in regard to T rides. You have to be 52+ or 4 and below for me to consider giving you a seat. You can be right up on my thigh staring holes into my head. I will not budge. Shit has been upgraded to Code Red/Blue (still not clear on which is worse) for me to give you my seat. There needs to a clear disability present as well as a note from an accredited "Doctor's of America" doctor with a diagnosis. Then and only then you will get my seat woman or child. A cold, cold heart has been built these past few years everyone. An ice cold heart. Old men? Forget about it.

Don't get mad, aren't they saying that America's overweight anyway?

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  1. Anonymous said... October 5, 2010 at 11:02 PM

    that child looks like a potential gremlin.

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