Monday, October 18, 2010

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This "Harvest The Rainbow" Commercial Needs To Be Taken Off The Air Immediately

Wow. I've seen it a bunch of times before and all I have left to say after seeing that Speechless. Just as bizarre as bizarre gets when it comes to anything in general.

Normally, I'd love to be appointed leader of the ad-agency for a debacle such as this one, but I want to be nowhere near this. No connection/affiliation/partnership with this Skittles campaign. So what's the deal with these candy commercials these days. They are scaring me more than Paranormal Activity would have if I was brave enough to see it. Just be annoyingly cute and partially witty like you always are candy commercials. That's how WMD is so successful.

Just day in and day out of Dub J and Craw being annoyingly cute and partially witty.

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