Wednesday, October 13, 2010

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What Was The Skreel With Parappa The Rapper?!

Aside from the fact that the game follows the trials and tribulations of a rapping dog, this game digs into much more concerning issues. Issues include: the rapping dog's love interest being a Sunflower, a bear DJ, a sidekick cat stuck in the 70s, and wise cracking instructional onion. Put that insanity aside even further and just let yourself into the game like I did when I received this strange, strange gift on my birthday in '96.

Keep in mind this is the era when Rap is all about respect, battling, and overall being more badass than the next guy. Like Biggie and Pac were dying and shit, Dr. Dre first mentioned that he may, possibly be interested in making Detox, and (^)orange frog hats were NOT in. I came into the game expecting it to be rated "M" for mature, fully prepared to build up my hood story, and maybe purchase a gun or 2, but nooo, I was receiving instruction from an old ass onion in a dojo on how to rap. After the wind was officially taken out of my sails, I see that my rapping earned the eye/interest of a fucking Sunflower, yes..Sunflower. Granted it was a hot Sunflower, but a plant nonetheless. Even at 9, I knew that a dog-flower combination can't produce viable results. Before my hands let me put down the controller, the game didn't let me off the hook because I was getting patronized by a DJ'n Bear.

You best believe Parappa the Rapper collected dust thereafter. Off subject though, I'd love a rapping dog as a pet. In a fucking second.

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