Monday, October 18, 2010

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So These Dogs Are Really Stirring The Pot For Halloween Costumes

Not to say that I'm backed into a corner, but I'm fucking backed into a corner right now. I know you see what these dogs are pulling and if you're not nervous, you're out of your mind. You see that dog in the fry suit? He is absolutely bringing it right now. He even has two fake hands to hold his disproportionately sized Happy Meal and large Coke--in fact they all have hands. Even that creepy ass smiley-faced costume is baller as hell.

Right now, the plan for myself, Craw, and crew is a barbershop quartet, but with 5 people. Don't give me the "that's a quintet man", you'll sound like an asshole. The main concern is that these dogs are killin' it out here like they weren't even trying. The fact that I was beaten to the punch by a set of canines if extremely alarming.

In another world, Dub Jeezy would have suggested the fast food items/creepy smiley faced dude idea promptly at 7:14pm on the 19th of September--just would have been a trend setter. These dogs may have won the battle, but their inability to speak, use thumbs, and reason, will allow me to win the war.

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