Wednesday, April 28, 2010

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Alert: Don't Give This Book To Your 5 Year Old

Super-sturdy pages, eh? Why do they need to be super-sturdy if my 5 year old's wispy little hands are going to be turning the pages?

I KNEW Grover was messed up. I called it out a few posts ago, because no one could put a finger (nor would anyone want to) on that guy. No one knew his thing per-say. Welp, now we know. He's a pedophile and he somehow coerced poor Elmo into finding something not on the page. We all know Elmo is a little slower than the rest of the Sesame Street muppets, so he's easily impressionable.

I refuse to go further in-depth into this because I am part traumatized, part angry at the guy who included Grover in the cast of muppets. Dude was bad news right from the start.

God I hope no one has/had this on their bookshelves because they are most assuredly fucked up people. No fault of their own, just Grover's sketchy ass.

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