Tuesday, April 6, 2010

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A Response to Back America's Pastime

So co-blogger Dub Jeezy went on a limb on my birthday to address some points in regards to baseball and all its doings to society. I'm not going to lie, valid statements given from the CEO. The important thing to recognize about baseball is the fact that its enriched in American tradition so much that we simply can't escape it. You can't walk around Boston in April without noticing the town come alive (or to basically have some drunk bastard get your face while incoherently screaming REDSOXREDSOX-REDSOX). It's inevitable.

Now, shifting to athletes and the money they bring in...The Sox just signed Josh Beckett for $68 million to keep him around at least until 2014. Do you know how much work it takes Beckett to reach your income? ESPN's Salary Crunch will tell you. This helpful tool helped me discover the harsh reality on life in general among other things...After entering my numbers into Salary Crunch, I was informed that the Boston ace will need to throw just one strike, yes, ONE STRIKE to collect my entire 2009 earnings. If players can rack up this much dough imagine how easy league owners have it.

But this wouldn't be happening if we didn't buy into all of their merchandise, not to mention that every game at Fenway Park has been sold out for years. Sure it takes a lot of patience to sit down for a baseball game, but its all about the atmosphere. Anything sports related on TV is somewhat painful these days with commercials, but catching it live makes a world of a difference.

There's nothing like tailgating outside Gate E slamming beers and Fenway Franks, taking in the crisp spring air for opening day. America's Most Ballpark has played host to the greatest players over the past 100 years. I guess I'd be more inclined to throw in the white flag on baseball if I weren't soiled into the best rivalry in all of professional sports. It was so special for Boston to win the world series in 2004 because there were people out there waiting a lifetime (86 seasons) for that one particular moment. Amazing.

I can spare you the Red Sox Yankees history lesson...but if you really want to get your facts straight I can certainly lend a hand. My point is that maybe it's not just about baseball but everything in between (cue music from youtube video). It's something to buy into...a longterm commitment...an escape from the everyday routine...a place to cheer and enjoy your surroundings with the people around you. Have I cut to the core yet? There's baseball inside all of us.

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