Thursday, April 1, 2010

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To Make Light of April Fools Day...

Why not share a top 10 pranks video in all of professional sports (courtesy of ESPN of course). I gotta admit I expected a little better with the handful of loud characters in the media these days. The best prank here had to be Griffey following up on a lost bet, supplying his version of a hefty "steak dinner." The cop talking football with TO on the side of the road as he constructed a police report was also well executed.

This clip certainly reassured me...Yes, there were some good pranks out there today...I just didn't see any of them. As a matter of fact I may have had the most hard hitting April Fools Day without even really being pranked. Broken glasses, flooded roads and detour signs. 80 degrees this weekend though. Welcome back April.

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