Tuesday, April 20, 2010

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Who in the World Will Take TO?

Is the band getting back together??? ESPN reports that the newly acquired Donovan McNabb is lobbying to bring Pro Bowl receiver Terrell Owens to the Washington Redskins.

Not so fast...because this is what McNabb had to say in regards to his previous unstable relationship: "I never said that to anyone about TO It's just not true. I'm in a new place, trying to get comfortable, not start anything or push for anything. I am very happy with the receivers I have." So before we dive into a false story about a controversial reunion...

Let's talk about who is willing to hire Owens. The Buffalo Bills certainly aren't keeping their arms wide open, knowing they didn't even know how to pass him the ball. In 2009 the Buffalo community waited patiently with their popcorn ready as TO went on to record a dismal 5 TD's from 55 total receptions. Cincinnati Bengals wide-out and center of attention Chad Ochocinco has confirmed his desire to have Owens sign with the Bengals.

"Here's what happend. Terrell and I were hanging out at our pool party on Wednesday," #85 stated through OCNN during the number of Super Bowl festivities. "He and I were talking about playing together. He thought it was a good idea. I went to bed early last night, around 9:30 p.m. But I did talk with Coach Marvin Lewis, who is coming to Miami." The problem with Chad is that we simply don't know if he's telling the truth...It's been at least a few months with no confirmed interest from anyone in the Bengals front office.

All I know for sure is that wherever Owens ends up, he shouldn't be looking too hard to invest in more brand cereal. It's likely that TO's Honey Nut Toasted Oats wasn't the hottest selling product in the state of New York.

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