Tuesday, April 13, 2010

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In The End...We Are Douchebags

I scoured the internet for weeks looking for a video to legitimately getting me laughing like I used to back in '95. Nothing beat a hearty belly-laugh from an episode of "Rugrats." Not that I am comparing this video to the Nickelodeon hit, because this is quite possibly the polar opposite of whatever Rugrats' humor was about.

Either way, I see every one of these people throughout the course of the day. I have this guy in my office that is a baller. Flaunts his Gucci shoes, while I continue to rock my scuffed up Dockers. Then there's the Gym D-Bag. The guy that refuses to get off the bench even though he's done about 10 sets, adding 5 lbs each set. C'mon bro. And the last couple of guys are exclusively seen at bars. Mr. Popped Collar and The All-Around D-Bag are mainstays at the local drinkeries.

Now that I think of it, I hang out with Douchebags like 75% of the day. No wonder I write this blog. It's like a coping method.

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