Friday, April 23, 2010

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Is This What "Glee" Is All About? Because If It Is I'm In

So this is what all the hoopla is about. People are legit losing it over this show. Frankly I didn't even know what the plot was. Just the chick from "40 Year Old Virgin" crackin' jokes for 42 minutes. It's more. A whole lot more.

First off, this girl is kind of hot. Secondly, this used to be my jam once upon a fortnight, as indicated by my Itunes Top 25. If this is what high music class is like, I severely made the wrong choice in lifestyle. Why be the jock when people are jumping on chairs and getting felt up by cheerleaders in music class?

Chicks clawing at me while I am on the electric guitar rockin' to All American Rejects? Sign me up. Zac Efron was actually on his shit.

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  1. Mack said... April 24, 2010 at 11:07 AM

    How can we somehow arrange for a song to break out with choreographed dancers? And im also curious to know what the aftermath of a seen like that it everyone like catching their breath acknowledging how fucking awesome that was... its gotta be hard to continue a class after that

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