Monday, April 19, 2010

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"Oh, No Dogs Allowed?" "It's Cool, I'll Just Wait Outside"

It's like me walking into 7-Eleven a couple weeks ago with no shirt on. It was hot as balls out and the pecs needed to be flashed. The store owners proceeded to flip their shit like pancakes. They sounded like a silent alarm or something. Spikes came out of the floor and Mario Kart-esque banana peels filled my path. Or they just told me to put on my shirt. It's a matter of perception people. Either way, I felt like I got played for a fool out there. Just trying to get a slushy minimally clothed--ain't nothing wrong with that. I put up a minor hissy fit, put on my shirt, and reluctantly purchased my slushy. I think the best move would have been to just take away my slushy business from 7-Eleven entirely and got on my "dog-sitting like a human" shit outside.

I wouldn't have gotten a slushy, they wouldn't have gotten my business. The kicker would have been my icy stare through the window..oh, and the fact that I'd be standing on all fours.

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