Tuesday, April 27, 2010

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This Picture Has Been Plaguing Me For The Longest Time On The Internet...

I've tried to avoid posting this for as long as I could. It seemed like the easiest post of my life, but I kept dodging. I'd turn an internet corner and it'd be there. CNN.com, this picture finds me. Checking my bank balance online, this picture is there. Just begging to be fuckin' posted. Well listen here, you win. I'll talk about you, various Mortal Kombat ninjas hilariously playing Rock Band.

From what I gather, it appears that Sub-Zero is playing the bass, which is just wrong. Sub-Zero is arguably one of the most popular characters in the game in your got him strumming red and green all song? Really? Dude can make an ice-substitute for himself. You don't stick him in the back. What are Reptile and Smoke doing in some lead roles? I'm pretty sure Reptile doesn't even have vocal cords. Probably singing that Rage Against The Machine song where you don't actually have to sing the words. Smoke can undoubtedly rock it on the guitar because no one really knows what his power is. The guys at Midway were clearly reaching a bit on these two characters.

There I blogged about you picture. Now please, can you leave me alone?

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