Wednesday, August 26, 2009

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"And Once Again It's On..."

please let this be a joke...

There were Einstein, Galileo, and Sir Isaac Newton. To join the ranks of this illustrious crew of geniuses has to be some random marketing guy from the KFC Corporation. His life changed the moment he blurted out, “what if we make a sandwich that replaces the buns with chicken patties and the chicken patties with bacon?” In fact, all of our lives changed.

We all knew that when the McGriddle came out, it wouldn’t be a sound decision to eat one, but we did, and we endured mind numbing stomach pain for it. This shitwich will push what happened with the McGriddle one step further by pretty much streamlining the whole “get sick and die” thing to just straight on killing you. This picture a) makes me have to take a shit and b) alerted my heart to alert my brain that it’ll refuse to work if I ever consume this. I don’t see my life expectancy being that long. McGriddles were like a bad joke. You eventually recover and live to see another day. This presumed “Double Down” chicken sandwich not only references gambling, but it also closely resembles the food version of an NC-17 movie. This shit needs to be edited and reedited before it can be displayed to the public.

So, now we officially have terrorism, global warming, swine flu, and the “Double Down” shitwich out there trying to kill us. What a wonderful world….

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