Thursday, August 20, 2009

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The Babies Casted Their Vote: Tebow for Heisman in 2010

There is just too much going on in this picture for me to form a concise opinion.

Yes, there is a baby in his hand in the place of a football, yes he is wearing Florida colored Crocs, and yes there is a man in the background that is potentially wearing a Purple Parrots shirt. Where to begin? It is clear that Tebow doesn't give a shit about matching his clothes because as any red-blooded American knows it is common knowledge that hot chicks flock to him like an ant to anything in my basement. Now he's got babies on his side? It's a fact that we lost a lot of good heterosexual men out there during Tebow's undeniably awesome speech. All we had left were the babies. I'm a Tebow fan believe me, but I don't sweat him like I am currently sweating all of my garments right now. He's a good, well-spoken dude that routinely performs missionary trips, all while being the most dominant college quarterback of all time. Fully deserving of some kudos.

I guess it's official..Tebow finally snagged every demographic. Female, male, black, white, old, and now, the very young. Babies everywhere are pissed off that they weren't hanging out with their parents when Tebow reached into his bag of tricks and pulled the old "Heisman a baby pose." The guy has everyone rooting for him, even the babies, so just skip the hoopla, and award these Gators a national championship in 2010.

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