Friday, August 21, 2009

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Should I Get a Tamagotchi to Help Me With Responsibility?

Since living in my house for the summer, I have lost all connection with basic ideas of responsibility. Out of the 19 items I own I had to have straight up lost 13 of them. It may be a mild form of retardation or just plain old absent-mindedness, but something needs to change. I can't be growing up losing shit like cars, wedding rings, or babies.

I went on Ebay today in an attempt to solve my problem. Putting myself into a time machine, I warped back into the fall of '98. Meet younger me: a stud, going into 6th grade at M.S. 180. Holding a piss poor record of about 180 career lost items, myself and my parents saw that a Tamagotchi was the absolute answer. I kept that shit in pristine shape. It was never hungry, always clean, and just disturbingly happy with how it's life was going. I'd see other people's and theirs would have poop clumps all over the place, an overalll depressing scene. During my Tamagotchi phase nothing was ever lost, I was excelling at everything, and things were set on the right path. Thennnn, I left it in my pocket when my Mom did the laundry. Needless to say, my life's been going downhill since. Flashforward back to me today on Ebay searching for a Tamagotchi and you can see the reasoning for this post.

If you have a Tamagotchi in one of your old treasure chests, can I have it? It'd at least save me the embarassment of my parents seeing their credit card bills and having a Tamagotchi charged to it.

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