Friday, August 21, 2009

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God Dammit Track and Field World Championship Bear Mascot!!

-Berlino, get the fuck out of here!

Our friend Berlino, the Track and Field World Championships Mascot Bear (T&FWCMB?) can't seem to catch a break lately. There are more videos of his clumsy ass on the internet than the actual events from the championships. He has some sort of Urkel complex, but without the laugh track in the background. Granted, Berlino is more adorable than those fuckin' Pokemon panda things from the 2008 Olympics, but like your typical cute face, he doesn't have much substance to him. I know everyone wanted a piece of Usain Bolt after he broke the 200 record, but Berlino would not detach himself from his nuts. He not only forced Usain to take several pictures doing the "arrow pose", but he grabbed up the Jamaican flag and waved it around before giving it to it's rightful owner. It was damned insulting. Then he participated in about 1/8 of the victory lap with him, before his emphysema set in and he trailed off to terrorize someone else.

-Berlino, clearly drunk, crashes into some sort of vehicle on the track and nearly ruins this runner's victory and potentially her career.

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