Tuesday, August 4, 2009

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The LONNNNGGGG Awaited Part Two...

Sorry for not updating at a good frequency. Life has thrown me for a loop as of late. I feel like a big change is going to occur soon. I don’t know with what or what I mean exactly, but hopefully it’ll be good. Ok, without further ado…part two of the day in which I exist. It really is not worth all the waiting, but it allows me to post other shit because I pigeon holed myself by making a "part one" to something. Blogging 101, shit.

5:00—Think whether or not to go to the gym or go home.

5:02—Mull it over with a Red Bull (most likely my 3rd or 4th of the day).

5:03—Freak out and get aggressively angry at myself for even considering not going to the gym.

5:05-6:05—Crush weights.

6:15-6:45—Sweat on the T Ride home and make uncomfortable eyes towards the honey in the sundress.

7:00—Play God’s dice game of “Will he immediately go to McDonalds again?”

7:10—Either eating McDonalds or drinking a protein shake fortified with vitamins and minerals…you decide.

7:20—See whose around. Have scary urge to consume alcohol.

7:21—Scour contacts for a friend or friends that would be willing to indulge.

7:22-8:45—Chill. Play video games hard.

8:46—Shower while blasting nothing but top 40 hits, eminem and the backstreet boys. Say something.

9:00-9:08—Get stupid, mad, funky fly.

9:30—Wait for friends, or friends already present. Venture to a bar.

10:05—Regret bar decision. Immediately regret not staying in and getting much needed sleep.

10:10-12:16—Drink out of sorrow, anger, confusion, and the need to acquire female companionship.

12:20—Too drunk to acquire female companionship. “Oh god, please don’t play the Cupid Shuffle. Fuck! Well I just gotta dance to it.”

1:00—Sweating from the continuous string of hits the DJ is playing. This guy does not smell very good.

1:30—Cab home with whatever bros were unable to acquire female companionship.

2:00—STRUGGLE to take out my contacts. Brush teeth.

2:01—Pissed that tomorrow will be exactly the same.

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  1. Emma said... August 4, 2009 at 5:34 PM

    ugh, I HATEEEE HATE HATE when guys do the "uncomfortable eyes"! Why do you do that! What do you get out of that?! ughhh.

    PS my ass you take your contacts out...

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