Wednesday, August 19, 2009

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New Jay-Z Album Set To Have 500 Guest Stars

Is Jay-Z going down the fuckin' phone book or something finding guest rappers on this album? I didn't get the call, despite the fact that I moonlight as a rapper. Oh well. As we all know from "Renegade", Jay-Z doesn't necessarily do well in collaborations with comparable stars. Kanye also proves this same point in "Run This Town" in which his verse is clearly the best. I'm worried about Jay here. I can realistically see him getting killed by Alicia Keys, Young Jeezy, Drake, Pharell and Kid Cudi. I don't really know much about Mr. Hudson or J. Cole, but it can only spell disaster for Jay's career if they kill him on tracks too.

But Jay can also be going in a different direction. The, dare I say, Shaquille O'Neal direction. The role in which he has already established himself as one of the best ever, but remains in the game to assist the new generation of stars. He's clearly won the game of life, along with Tom Brady, Justin Timberlake, and the dude that's married to Jessica Alba (solely for being married to Jessica Alba). The GAME OVER screen flashes when you are living the life of luxury, amassing worldwide respect and being married to one of the most beautifull women on the planet. I've put so many god damn tokens into the game of life and I am potentially still on level one. So maybe he's trying to raise the status of some lesser known rappers in the process of putting some more dollars into his checking account. That'd instead make him a great dude I guess.

You know what Jay? I take it back. You probably know what you are doing with this album being that you are one of the greatest rappers ever, I was just freaking out. My bad.

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