Tuesday, August 4, 2009

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Analyzing a Lyric...

“Somebody better tell em that we in this bitch like an unborn baby”

-Said lyric is rapped by Fabolous in “Everything, Everyday, Everywhere.”

Now I will be the first to come to bat for Fabolous. He has been my favorite rapper and will forever hold the title of “the first person to have their CD purchased legally by me.” Rap has had many a questionable line, but some are just like..what?! This is one of them. Sure, it makes sense. Fabolous is a punch-line rapper and that’s what punch-line rappers do. I cannot put my finger on it, but something just is not right about that line.

First off, the line opens up the second verse of a hot song, so the listener is fully invested in what he is about to say. He just comes out and says it in his typical braggadocios sound that you just let it roll on by. Then you think…what the hell did he just say? What kind of lackey would alert the club, the room, or an IHOP that Fabolous is there much like an unborn baby is within a woman? I am sorry Fab, you may not have much luck there (if Fabolous hired me to do that for him I would instantly quit). It also puts a terrible image in your head. My image was a fetus rockin’ a fitted and a platinum chain, chunkin’ up a swag filled deuce. Strange I know. Fabolous songs should not illicit such thoughts. Fabolous, don’t worry, I am perfectly content with thinking about how sweet your life is when you talk about your black card, multiple ménages, and constant drug use. No need to throw fetuses in there. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it playa.

Download: Loso’s Way--Fabolous

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