Monday, August 24, 2009

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A Night That'll Live in Infamy

-there really is no bad picture of her when you scan google images...

It has been announced that Megan Fox will host the 35th season premiere of Saturday Night Live on September 26. It's not a big deal that I took out my phone, went to the "reminders" option, and put three reminders in for that episode right? Every joke she drops will be an absolute knee slapper. What crazy bastard will sit in their seat and stone face Megan if she drops a bad joke on stage? That guy/girl would instantly be removed from the studio, banned from New York City and live a life that is constantly followed by a rain cloud.

There is something special about this girl. Yes, she is hot, but there have been/are other hot girls around. It is unknown whether or not she is a good actress because no one is really listening to what she has to say and if you were one of those poor souls that saw the Transformers sequel, I am sorry. It may be because she controls the demographics (like Tebow does) and always has an answer where other hotties just stop. Dudes sometimes ponder, "I wonder if Jessica Alba has a tramp stamp" and Megan Fox will whip out the ultimate tramp stamp. Some girls think, "Hmm, it'd be sweet if Giselle was kind of into girls"--Megan Fox hits that one out of the park. She is a step ahead of every guy's deepest quandry and that's what makes her special. Let's toss up a hail mary here: I wonder if Megan Fox plays video games. Oh, she does, and she loves it.

It kind of makes me feel like I may be witnessing the next big thing, but for the first time it's not sports related. We've seen LeBron James, Tiger Woods, Usain Bolt, Dub Jeezy, and now we can add Megan Fox.

Tune in September 26th for perhaps the greatest episode of Saturday Night Live ever.

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