Thursday, June 13, 2013

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How To Annoy A Girl: As Written By Two Pissed Off 5 Year Olds

Boys vs. Girls.  The oldest, strangest, hormone-fueled fight that we've all engaged in.  As men, we start out hating them, we get confused by them, then we become terrified of them, start liking them, become obsessed with them, start living with them, and finally die with them.  Really weird stuff.  With that said, these kids fucking HATE girls.

You can tell how upset Troy and Mike were by the amount of different markers they used for the exclamation points.

Jesus, guys.  No need to blow up Patti Mayonnaise like that.  Can't knock their logic though.  I imagine that a girl would be less than thrilled to receive a bomb.  I do love the addition of "Help."

Ingenuity.  If there is one thing that girls hate, it's getting hit by a wrecking ball.  Sneaky impressed by the correct spelling of "wrecking."

Troy and Mike spent this entire page #TurntUp

Morbid from a "your kid is probs gonna be a serial killer" perspective, but alas, there's nothing more annoying than being dead.  I'd be so pissed if I was dead.  They didn't even give this dead stick figure chick enough respect to spell "stupid" out in it's own line.

What did we learn?

1)  These kids are going to be serial killers.  We know this now and will be shocked when something bad happens 20 years from now.

2)  A Bomb and Wrecking Ball are pretty creative annoyances.

3)  The "Wow"s and the "Help"s really brought this thing together.

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