Saturday, June 29, 2013

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Tragedy Strikes As Reckless Youths Destroy A 100,000 Piece, $23,000 Lego Helicopter

Not to be insensitive, but a 100,000 piece, $23,000 dollar Lego helicopter is like a reckless youth magnet.  They basically had no choice but to fuck this helicopter all the way up.

With that said, Ryan "The Brickman" McNaught has full right to vigilante murder the shit out of these kids.  When your name is The Brickman, there probably isn't much else in your life after Legos. On a related note, there's no greater, more confusing pain than when someone disrespects your Legos.  Granted mine always looked awful and had more "fern" pieces than I would like to admit, but I completely sympathize with whatever this guy's retaliation.

PS.  I'm not going to lie to you guys, this happened:

One summer, I found myself with a bucket of Legos, lots of time and a few beers.  The result was one of the greatest physical compositions known to man.  It was destroyed by roughly 15 snot nosed, "reckless" youth. I was overpowered shortly after this picture was taken and I've never been more emotionally vacant.  Could have done anything at that point.  But I grew and just tucked this awful memory in the back of my mind until this blog.  So yeah, I'd support the death penalty for these asshole kids.

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