Monday, June 24, 2013

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Buzzfeed Is Catnip For Girls, Right?

Hey fellas, have you ever actually typed in the word "Buzzfeed" into your address bar?  No?  Not once?  Well how do we find out about the 40 Cutest Puppies or the 13 Gifs To Make Your Monday Better then?

Girls.  You guys fucking love Buzzfeed.  Don't get me wrong, it's a solid website, but god damn is it repetitive and takes almost zero brain power to compose.  I love puppies as much as the next person, but at a certain point I'm all set.  In the end, I just kinda want to pet one instead of watching gifs of them trying to get out a paper bag, you know?  With that said, how many girls linked to Buzzfeed on their Facebook/Twitter or emailed you a link to a Buzzfeed article today?  And ladies, how many of you got hypnotized by an article on Buzzfeed and instinctively decided to put the link on social media?  The numbers may startle you.  

As an amateur sociologist, I'll make the wild claim that Buzzfeed = porn for girls.  You guys can't get enough gifs of otters doing funny things like guys incessantly watch people fornicate.  It's science, obviously.

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