Tuesday, June 25, 2013

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If You're Still Up, This "Woody From Toy Story In GTA IV" Video Will Give You Nightmares

Well, shit.  I'm going to have some very fucked out dreams tonight and it's no fault but mine.  I had no reason to dig into the depths of the internet this late at night.  Only bad things happen when you get to a certain level of internet.  In this case, I stumbled on a terrifying video of "Toy Story" Woody going absolutely HAM in Grand Theft Auto IV.  I'll tell you what - I didn't need that.  Not one bit.  Ruined all the Toy Story movies for me, I more or less threw my Playstation out of the window, and I'm going to be super startled for the rest of the night.

Despite it all, "You Got A Friend In Me" is STILL a jam.  It withstood a truly horrifying video and still prevailed as being a song I'd still listen to.  It's over for the movies and the video games.  Those are dead to me.  But that song is just a treat no matter how you slice it.  Might mess around and spend $0.99 on it in iTunes.

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