Monday, June 3, 2013

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Sloth Chunkin' Up Deuces In A Bowl Like It Ain't No Thing

Kinda have a weird feeling about sloths these days.  At first they were hilarious, then they were cute and now I think I'm scared of them.  For example, this sloth is 100% doing this:

Are we cool with that?  Sloths just throwing up deuces and chillin' in bowls?  I feel like we're giving these things a little too much leeway.  At first we were just happy to see them existing in their natural habitat.  Climbing trees and getting eaten by leopards was THE sloth thing to do.  Now they're in bowls, in stupid internet memes, and becoming animal celebrities.  Plus they can actually smile like people.  That really bothers me from a "they be demons" standpoint.

PS. I'd still buy one in a second.  These things must make unreal TV watching partners.