Thursday, June 27, 2013

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This Tweet About Aaron Hernandez Is So Dumb

This tweet from Sports Illustrated's Peter King about Aaron Hernandez is so dumb that my IQ dropped 17 points. While in college, Hernandez was a bit of a bad apple, and now that he's been arrested for murder, King is going all sanctimonious doucher on us.

Basically, King is saying that there is some kind of correlation here? I don't know. Hernandez smoked weed in college and got in trouble, so it's obvious that he was going to drafted lower and, eventually, kill somebody (maybe multiple people!).

If that's the case, I must implore all my friends to immediately stop the consumption of marijuana. As @ConcernedMom420 always tells us, weed smokers are bad and, along with homosexuality and atheists, have a one way ticket to hell.

Oh, and for what it's worth: Tom Brady was drafted 199th. Remember that the next time there's a terrorist attack or someone holding up the line at Chipotle.

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