Tuesday, August 19, 2014

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Makeup Transformation Selfies Are The New Wave

You know what I say to this?  CLOSE ENOUGH.  We can all get into that fruitless "Jesus looked a certain way" conversation another time, but there is no denying what Yeezus looks like.  When you spit the verse he spit on "New God Flow" you earn the right to get brown MS Paint splotches tossed on the (literal) God in order to transform into the new GAWD.  Makes perfect sense to me.

These other ones do, too:

Hey bruh, the lipstick added nothing to this transformation, but whatever floats your boat, dawg.

I mean, if you never "woke up like dis", did you even really wake up?  Are you even alive?  Can you even?  Are you literally dead?  

Any opportunity that we can remind ourselves that JT looked like a Grade-A asshole, we have to take it.  Can't let him get too big for his britches, ya know?

The way I see it, any time you can put a cat on top of your head, you have to do it.  This dude probably puts cats on his head all of the time and patiently waited 30 years for a scenario so topical enough that he can say all of it was worth it.  Probably.

2014 has been a terrible year.