Friday, August 1, 2014

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New Wine Bar for Terminal Patients in France

h/t Reuters

I'm not gonna lie, I absolutely love this move by France. Already got a stranglehold on the wine game, so why not get their foot in the door of the not-being-little-pussies game. What's the point of getting between a terminally ill person from his/her blackout induced hookups and Sunday morning sweats anyway?

What do you think of when you think of France? Cheese eating, stuck-up, pencil thin mustache having whiny punks, right? Look. Tough beat for France, but we pretty much all view them as pussies. Like the Irish are drunks, the Russians are criminally insane, Australia is pretty much one big bar fight, and the French are pussies. Just the natural order of the world. That's why this is an Eiffel Tower sized middle finger right in the haters' eyes.

P.S. Way to totally steal my thunder, France. Anybody who really knows me knows I plan on living the shit out of life when I a) get old and decrepit or b) get a terminal illness. I'm talking getting an IV of sweet sweet booze. Blow in the morning, blunts at night, maybe dabble in some heroine. So thanks, France, you fucking pussies. Way to make me look like a copy cat.

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