Thursday, January 1, 2015

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Parents Officially Fed Up With Play Doh And Their Dick Shaped Toys

Good heavens, Play Doh.  What the hell has gotten into you guys?  Last I checked, you were in the non-toxic clay business.  The boring, smelly, dickless clay business.  It appears things have drastically changed.  You nasty bastards.

I need an audio stream of the product design meeting where they approved the PENIS ICING DISPENSER.  Dudes in suits glossing over penis-related details left and right.  Imagine, as a dad, walking into your daughter's room on Christmas and seeing her squeeze this onto a cake.  The next immediate move would be to buy several grenades and at least 3 AK-47s and kill everything.  You want that holiday blood on your hands, Play Doh?

And you guys had the nerve to put propellers on the base too, giving little boys false hope that their penis will someday allow them to fly.  SMDH.

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