Wednesday, October 8, 2014

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This Cat Getting Dragged Across The Grass Is A Metaphor For Something

Can't quite figure out what that metaphor is, but I'm sure one exists for this video.  In a completely shocking scenario, the cat was NOT about that action.  In fact, the cat seemed like it hated life, but such is the life for cats.

You: "Hey, let's do something fun!"

Your cat: "Nah, I'm good"

There was the tan-ish cat that tried to play along, but generally had no idea what was happening.  I'll be honest, though, why are you walking cats?  A main benefit of owning a cat is to ignore their general needs because they can solve their own problems.  Buy a cat, enjoy the kitten days, begin to develop disdain for one another and co-exist for the duration of time.  Simple as that.

Found the metaphor: the black cat getting dragged is every dude that has to go apple picking with his girlfriend in the fall.  Nailed it.  

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