Monday, October 6, 2014

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What To Do With This Fake Tyson Beckford Friend Request

We've all been in the Facebook game long enough to have a couple spam accounts request us every now and then.  Today was my most interesting spam request yet.  For one, the person was clearly using pictures of the only black male model in existence, Tyson Beckford.  I know that blasian mug anywhere, plus I literally know zero people with abs like that.  Shrewd move spam bot, shrewd move.  

At first this was an automatic "delete", but then I thought, "Wait, whoever this person/bot is chose pictures of Tyson for reason.  I might have to investigate."  Plus, the "Also from Bronx, New York" is an excellent touch.  What this bot doesn't know is that the Bronx already has a fake Tyson Beckford and he's a crackhead on East Tremont that bears a striking resemblance to DMX.  

To be continued...

(Outchea like)

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