Wednesday, December 2, 2015

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Meet Molly, The Elephant Seal That Broke Into An Australian Backyard And Was Really Upset For No Reason

Let's do a quick timeline to really dig into the depths of Molly's psyche.  As we can see above, Molly came through and really fucked that fence up.  Like she really rolled her fat ass over every coil to ensure the most damage possible.  She also looks *kinda* cute in the second pic, playing all coy and shit.  Can't help but respect that move.

But then things take an irrational twist:

She's PISSED and no one really knows why.  Just irrationally upset at the world and screaming at you for no reason.  This is all starting to make sense.

Now Molly appears to be crying.  We went from destructively content, to livid, to tears in a span of about 15 minutes.  Things are starting to add up.

Molly was just hangry as hell (you know that mythological disease that only affects women where they are irrationally upset/sad/every emotion until they receive food, even though they never mentioned that they were hungry to begin with?).  Everything makes sense now.  Chicks, man.