Thursday, January 12, 2017

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The Term #RelationshipGoals Gets Tossed Around Lightly, But I Think Hiding Your Boyfriend In A Suitcase To Break Him Out Of Prison Qualifies

First off, this photo is hilarious.  My man has a stressed out look on his face akin to someone that was forced to nestle up in a carry-on for a photo-op.  But aside, this is love.  When you're in that truly mad, dumb, stupid, crazy love, practicality flies out the window and you start thinking of cartoonish solutions to problems.

Everyone throws out their dumb "#Goals" images with things like two people holding hands or a couple smiling together (which is very depressing, if we're being honest) and you have the gold standard right in front of you:

Look at your significant other, partner, or husband/wife and ask yourself, "Would they concoct a not-so-elaborate plan to stuff me into a very small suitcase and wheel me out of a highly secure location?" If the answer is no, I don't know what to tell you.  It's definitely worth a conversation.  Look, I'm not saying you two need to break up, but, at the very least, you need to complete reevaluate your entire history together, assess most of your life choices, and download all of the dating apps (including "Farmer's Only").  You know, just to be safe.