Tuesday, June 10, 2014

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WMD World Cup Preview: It Appears Your Little Game With The Ball On The Ground Is Starting Up Soon

FYI: I don't know soccer, watch soccer or really understand soccer, so most of this is offensive, ignorant trash.  Enjoy!
It has come to my attention that your game that shares a name with another very different game is making its return at the end of the week.  The wacky sporting event with the feet, overt racism and loud crowds that occurs every four years is finally back.

It's time to throw on your eerily comfortable, ok-to-wear-in-public jersey that is riddled with foreign advertisements and risk unemployment by watching them kick that ball on the ground into large nets on weekday afternoons.  Most importantly, it's time to represent (via jersey wearing and uninformed discussion) a place that you never visited and think your great-grandfather immigrated from because of scheduled patriotism.  

It's crunch time, so get your shit together.  If y'all don't have your dissertations on why/how soccer is taking over the United States sports landscape ready by the end of the week, you're basically not even a fan of the game.  

PS. You guys forgot to mention that the mascot bought it's forehead from the Rihanna store

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