Monday, June 2, 2014

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Bears Are Becoming People And We Don't Seem To Care Even Though We Should

Add this bear in a hammock to the list of bears that are scaring the shit out of me.  Someone was like, "Oh wow, honey, there's a bear in our backyard.  And he's in the hammock!"  Put the iPhone away and call a zoologist, asshole.  I'm using this blog as a PSA to alert everyone that we are about to be overrun by bears.  Like, literally taken over by bears.

Exhibit A:

Bears are out here dealing with some real significant shit.  We can't cast this off to the side as normal.  We also have to assume bear psychologists exist too.

Exhibit B:

Super polite.  Trying to lull us to sleep.  I've fallen for the "Oh, hello. I'm a bear" routine quite a few times (I've laughed at this video at least 1000 times), but now the jig is up.  I'm on to you guys.

Exhibit C:

Can't forget the Michael Jordan of "Bears are gonna fuck us up" videos.  This is the OJ's glove of bear videos.  They lied about not having posable thumbs for pretty much 1 billion years.  Obviously impressive, but still VERY concerning.


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